Intelligent routing

Intelligent routing is a new MT profile to be used in your MT-enabled projects by default. Gone are the days when you had to consider which MT engine to use and weigh pros and cons, trying to avoid decision-making stalemate. Intelligent routing will automatically route translation requests to the best MT engine for each language pair in your project. It is applicable to machine translations only and does not affect the standard TMS or CAT functionality.

Intelligent routing is part of Smartcat’s all-encompassing effort to enhance and streamline subscription plans and is currently available to Smartwords users only.

Auto-detection of client language and currency in the Client Portal

Your Client Portal has just gotten automatically targeted to your clients worldwide. It detects the visitor’s location and switches to the corresponding interface language. The currency applied to your rates also changes accordingly. The visitor therefore immediately obtains the relevant information at a glance, without having to tweak any Portal settings.

Enhanced Smartcat editor available on beta.smartcat.com

You are welcome to visit beta.smartcat.com where you can get a glimpse of the upcoming Smartcat editor and give it a test drive. The new editor features more trendy styling than its predecessor and delivers enhanced overall performance and stability. We encourage you to check it out and send your feedback. Any comment will be sincerely appreciated and diligently considered.

New languages added

The constantly updated collection of languages available in Smartcat as source or target languages has been enriched with the following entries:

  • Amharic (Ethiopia) (am-ET)
  • Spanish (Latin America) (es-LA)
  • Russian (Kazakhstan) (ru-KZ)
  • Serbian (Serbia) (sr-RS)

Spanish localization of the date-picking widget

The Spanish-language version of the date-picking widget has been added and is now displayed, where applicable.

  • The issue that could jumble the order of subtitles in an SRT file is now fixed. The order of subtitles is now always correct and continuously verified.
  • The mechanism of MT translation has been adjusted to handle segments with mismatched tags. Instead of being discarded, such tags are now preserved to ensure that the machine translation yields better quality results.
  • Fixed the issue that in certain scenarios prevented from counting repetitions in automated multi-language projects.
  • The system now issues a detailed error message when a user is attempting to modify the master Translation Memory by applying the settings of an existing Translation Memory. Since Translation Memory settings must be unique, the change will always be ignored.

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