New project creation interface

Following numerous requests, we have overhauled and streamlined the project creation interface and workflow. The Home page now prompts you to indicate what project you would like to create: a Next-Gen project with express setup, best suited for working with freelancers, or a traditional full-feature project involving file parsing and task assignment. The wizard that will walk you through the project creation process will be invoked accordingly.

Translation of video subtitle files with visual context

The Subtitles Preview feature is now generally available. It provides you with the all-encompassing set of functionality for the most accurate translation of SubRip (SRT) files with Visual Context.

When uploading an SRT file to Smartcat, you will be prompted to add a direct link to an MP4 file that resides in a cloud object storage, such as Amazon S3. Opening this SRT file for translation also uploads the video to the In-context preview tab. You can then toggle the video on and off, or simply click into a translation segment and play the video from the corresponding timecode.

Among other nifty features available in the Subtitles Preview is the CPS (character per second) value, automatically measured by Smartcat and shown for each caption. Monitoring this parameter helps you make sure that subtitles will be readable by the audience.

Ability to save non-word TM entries

Smartcat has a sophisticated and intricate mechanism for automatic substitution of localized non-word strings. For instance, dates written in the traditional American month–day–year order in the source segment can be substituted with the suitable format in the target segment.
In certain cases, a translator might prefer to ensure that a non-word string or the entire non-word segment appear in the translation as is, without automatic substitutions. To provide this ability, Smartcat now saves non-word segments in the translation memory, allowing translators to reuse them when necessary. Non-word TM entries will be shown in the CAT panel only if they are a 100% match.

Company details adjustment for Australian users

To better match local governmental regulations, Smartcat offers a customized set of company details for businesses registered in Australia. For those businesses the VAT parameter in the Company Details has been renamed to ABN (Australian Business Number). The expected value of this parameter is a unique 11 digit number that identifies an Australian business in orders and invoices.

Another custom adjustment for Australian users is the date format commonly accepted in Australia: DD/MM/YYYY. This is now the default format selected for Australian users when specifying the deadline of a project or a job.

  • Missing document identifiers do not prevent Smartcat from correctly updating and saving a partially or fully translated document. The document suppliers will be not confirmed, but the rest of the document properties will be set as required.
  • Japanese names spelled in hieroglyphics are now correctly transliterated in the Personal Details section of a user profile, provided that the user’s Native Language is set to Japanese.
  • Automatically generated emails, such as a Project Results Download notification, are now by default created in the account’s primary language. Previously, the English language was applied by default.
  • Another issue resolved in automatically generated emails is the sentence Please do not reply to this email that appeared in English even though the rest of the email was localized. This sentence is now correctly represented in the same language as the email body.
  • When sending emails from the portal whose settings do not include the portal owner’s email address, noreply is now set by default in the Sender field. In previous versions, sending an email from the portal would fail if the portal owner’s email address was not defined.

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