Importing supplier jobs

Smartcat allows you adding several jobs at once by importing them in a CSV file. This section explains how to prepare, save and upload such files.

1. Navigate to Payments, select Supplier payments and click Add supplier job

2. In the Bulk import multiple jobs section click Automated import

3. Click Download to download the job register template. Then populate the template with the completed tasks details.
For a comprehensive description of each field in the job register, refer to this page.

4. When the job register is completed and saved, click Choose File to select it for the upload.

5. If the date or decimal separator format is incorrect or invalid, click Back and apply the required format.


Make the necessary correction and Next to continue reviewing the provided values. This window will be also displayed at the first step of the register upload if the system is unable to automatically parse the columns or the uploaded data format.


6. After the file is successfully uploaded, you can still make final edits in your register or fix data entry errors by doing one of the following:

  • Double-click on a cell to open it for editing and enter the correct value
  • Select a Column to adjust from the drop-down list and enter the value that will be applied to every row in the specified column

Note that a supplier name in this window may differ from the name that you indicated in the register. It happens because a supplier with this email address in already registered in the Smartcat platform and the name has been fetched from the respective account. In this case the supplier name is not editable.

The job cost is calculated automatically by multiplying the rate per unit by the unit count. 


7. Click Next to confirm that you would like to import the prepared jobs:

8. When the jobs have been successfully imported, you can immediately create an invoice for the imported jobs and remit the payment by clicking Create invoice & pay. Alternatively, click Go to jobs to open the imported jobs for review.


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