Smartwords Migration FAQ

We're transitioning our users to Smartwords-based accounts. Below is a list of common questions and answers that will help you understand what this means.

  1. What are Smartwords?

    Words translated in Smartcat are processed with the right mix of technologies to optimize quality and efficiency, and cost. Words processed this way are called Smartwords. Smartwords are the words that you save your money or time on. The more Smartwords you use, the more you save!

  2. Why is it good for me?

    Smartwords are more flexible than old TM limits. You can spend them towards using translation memories (TM) or machine translation (MT). This means that you can use free premium-quality MT for the entire amount of Smartwords available to you every month.

  3. How do I know if my account has Smartwords enabled?

    Once your account has Smartwords enabled, you will see the number of Smartwords available on your account in the top right corner of every application screen. You will also see Smartwords available for purchase in the Productivity Services section of your account.

  4. Are there any technical differences between an "old" and Smartwords-enabled account?

    One particular thing you will get as part of an upgrade is an Intelligent routing MT profile — a new MT engine to be used in your MT-enabled projects by default. This profile will automatically route translation requests to the best MT engine for each language pair in your project. As for the usual TMS or CAT functionality, it will remain the same.

  5. How are Smartwords counted?

    Every time you use TM, repetitions, or MT on a particular segment, the number of source words in that segment is counted towards your Smartwords quota.

  6. Can I get Smartwords for free?

    Upon registration you receive a certain amount of Smartwords for free. The exact number depends on your subscription plan. Please refer to our Pricing page for more detail. 

  7. I have already bought MT pages previously. What will happen to them?

    If you have additional MT pages bought in your account, the unused MT pages (including fractional amounts) will be converted to Smartwords according to this formula: 1 MT page = 250 Smartwords. This is exactly the ratio we were using internally for MT pages before, so you're getting 1 Smartword per 1 MT word purchased. These converted Smartwords will have the same expiration date as the MT pages you had.

  8. I have OCR pages left in my account. Will they be transferred to Smartwords too?

    Smartwords-based accounts now get unlimited access to OCR technology. You can freely use your PDF or image files and process them with OCR for as long as you have Smartwords on your balance to translate those files.

  9. Will I be able to buy more Smartwords if I run out of them?

    Yes. One of the main benefits of a Smartwords-enabled account is an ability to buy Smartwords as you go. You will be able to buy packages of 10K, 20K, 30K, 50K, 100K, or 150K Smartwords at once in the Productivity Services section of your Smartcat account. If you need to purchase a different amount, please contact our support to pay by invoice.

  10. How can I enable Smartwords in my account?

    We're currently rolling out Smartwords for our existing users in waves, starting with Forever Free accounts. However, if you want to switch to Smartwords sooner, you can do so regardless of your subscription. Please contact your Customer Success representative, and we will be happy to switch your account.

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