Assign companies just as you do freelancers


Find LSPs on our supplier marketplace, add them to your list of suppliers, and assign documents, languages, and workflow stages just as easily as you would to a freelancer — directly on the assignment page.

Create flexible workflows that involve both individual translators and translation companies. For example, you can have a document translated by an LSP and then reviewed by an in-house expert. Or hire a freelancer to localize your website and then have the result proofread by an LSP.

Note, however, that you cannot use the segment-splitting option when assigning a company or a company and a freelancer in the same document.

Get assigned

If you want your translation company to appear in the assignment dropdown list, you need to:

  • Be on your customer’s vendor list.
  • Have the corresponding service and language pair listed in your profile. The customer will not be able to edit your services, unlike with freelancers.
  • Have the same combination of workflow stages listed in your profile as required for the project.

Improved client profiles

Project managers can now store as many contacts as necessary in a client profile, as well as set the primary contact, for more efficient communication.

Localize your WordPress website content faster

The new Profiles feature we’ve added to our WordPress connector allows you to create profiles that enable automated sending of new or updated content for translation, thus saving you time and ensuring even faster translation turnaround times.

Сreate a profile, set up the source language, target languages, workflow stages, and, if needed, the project ID within it and enable automatic submission of new and/or updated content for translation. Any piece of published content matching the profile settings will be automatically sent to Smartcat.

Please remember that for the new feature to work you need to update the plugin, deactivate it, and then activate it again.

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