Updated assignment page

You can now select and re-assign documents directly on the assignment page, without having to return to the project page.

This will save PMs a lot of time, especially if the project contains multiple languages. You can now assign all the contributors on the assignment page without having to repeatedly open it for different languages.

Payment requests from one company to another

Corporate users can now send payment requests to other companies using the new button located under the Balance tab on the Payments page. Once the customer pays the invoice you send them, your Smartcat balance will be updated.

If you want to use this feature but cannot find the Balance tab, please contact us at support@smartcat.ai.

Also, following a recent Client Portal update, you can now pay for translation services via wire transfer from your Portal. If you’re unsure what Сlient Portal is or want to learn more about how to use it, please request a demo.

Public corporate profiles

Companies can now make their profiles public to accept orders from Smartcat customers.

To do this, select Company profile in the Settings menu, click on the Pencil icon and toggle the Show in search results for translation companies switch.

Customers will see your company in the search results for the queries corresponding to the services specified in your profile.

This is just the beginning of our efforts to allow translation companies to be found and hired by Smartcat customers as easily as they already do with freelancers. Follow our updates!

Serge is now available for everyone

Serge is a free open-source framework that allows you to link your repositories to Smartcat making the localization process truly continuous.

We’ve tested this solution with several companies and decided that it’s time to make it available for everyone. Paying service company Xsolla has successfully used Serge to enable continuous localization throughout their projects. Read the case study here.

How to use Serge

  • On the resource search page, all existing examples are now shown, not just one. Did you know about this feature?
  • Assignments are now displayed in the correct order according to their status.
  • Error messages have become shorter and now fit in the interface properly. We hope that you will not often see them :)
  • More than 20 “cosmetic” bugs have been fixed, despite only being noticed by the most ardent perfectionists.

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