Importing existing translation memories

Once you have created all your translation memories, you can import data that you might have accumulated in previous projects using other tools. Smartcat supports three different formats to import data in the translation memories:

  1. TMX — This is the industry-standard translation memory exchange format.
  2. SDLTM — These are translation memory databases created by SDL Studio
  3. Excel — It is possible to import spreadsheets that contain columns with source and target segments.

To import data in your translation memory, open it by clicking on the name in the list. You will then be shown a button bar with two options to import data:


  1. Overwrite TM — This option will erase all the existing data in your TM and replace it with the data contained in the file that you are importing. This option can be used if you have exported the data in a previous operation and edited it outside Smartcat. By using this option, you will know that all the data is up to date.
  2. Update TM — In this case, the data that you are importing will be added to the existing data. If you are importing segments that already exist in the TM, they will be ignored. 

 In both cases, you will be presented the following dialogue box:


Hit Add to select a file you want to import then hit Import to start the process. Smartcat will display a message to indicate that the process is in progress and will notify you when it is over and if it encounters any errors.

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