Step 1: Adding files

To start the project creation process, click the Plus (+) button next to Projects in the left menu bar or the Create Project button in the workspace.



This will launch the project creation wizard. Drag the files that must be translated onto the screen (or hit Select to locate the files on your computer).


To remove a file from the project, hover the cursor over it and hit the trash bin icon.


You can add, update or remove documents later on, as well. Every format offers a different processing option. By clicking on a file, you will display options related to this file format to the right of the box. Please see the article about Format settings for more information. After uploading the files, hit Next.

It is possible to also upload translation memory files (in the TMX or SDLTM format) at that stage, and they will be added automatically to the project, but as shown in previous onboarding article, it is better practicing to set up your linguistic assets when you create your account to streamline the process to follow and forego this option.

If you have reference files that could be helpful to the translation team like PDF files, images, or style guides,  they can be added to the project too. These files will not be processed for content, but assigned linguists will be able to download the files.


Next, proceed to the project settings step.

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