New fields in client cards

You can now keep your clients’ contact details right in Smartcat. Add the contact person’s full name, their email address, and phone number to a client card to have quick access to that information whenever you need to contact the client with a translation-related question, forward an invoice to them or send them a holiday greeting.

Corporate users can also make use of this new feature through API instead of filling in the fields manually, for example by syncing their CRM data with Smartcat.

New fields in client cards


Assignee rates

When creating assignments, it will now be easier to make sure that the project cost is within budget as each assignee’s rate is now displayed under their name.

Assignee rates<

TM unit creator

You can now find out who added a particular unit to a project’s Translation Memory. The new feature will make it easier for you to find out who is responsible for adding an incorrect or inaccurate translation to the TM: the user’s name will be shown under the Editor’s CAT info tab.



Jobs and statuses on the same page

Managing payments is now easier as payment statuses for all jobs are now in the same place.

Completed jobs and payment statuses are now displayed within a single table under the Jobs tab on the Payments page.

In addition, finding a job is now easier as the filter now includes two new fields: Invoice and Status. This will make checking the payment status or amount more convenient for you.

Parsing of Content Control elements from DOCX files

No part of a DOCX document will be left out again during translation. If an uploaded DOCX file contains Content Control elements, such as drop-down lists, fillable forms, date pickers, etc., the contents of such elements will be parsed now and made available for translation.

Yet another performance boost

Smartcat now works even faster. Our developers have reorganized the databases, code, and content of the pages to speed up the system performance.


We’ve fixed a problem that blocked some segments in the Editor when uploading an XLIFF file that was previously exported from other tools to Smartcat.

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