May 2021


Introducing Master TMs
It's now much more effective to use translation memory in Smartcat. You can associate translation memories with projects automatically based on subject, language, or client to make the most out of your pre-translated entries. To get started, head to your translation memories in Smartcat, set the subject, language, or client on your TMs and Smartcat will automatically suggest TMs based on these settings next time you create your project. 

Custom Fields Reporting
If you have access to custom fields on a Smartcat subscription, you can now report on them in your Smartcat reports.

See Project Created Date in Quotes
The date a project was created is now automatically added to quote PDFs.

Custom pricelists for freelancers
You can now add custom prices for friendly freelancers you’ve worked with previously. Head to your freelancer in My Team, add the client, and then specify your rates. Any new assignments with this freelancer will pick up the special rate you’ve assigned.

Improved progress tracking in the editor
You’ll now see your progress update as you work without having to hover over and check it manually. Freelancers will see the progress for your individual stage and project managers will see the status for the most recent stage.


Previously, you could only calculate quotes for services measured in words, which was pretty restrictive! You can now calculate quotes for other services (except those measured in minutes and hours)

Creating a project without an assigned TM no longer creates a new TM each time. It will look for the most relevant TM based on the project settings. Toggle Advanced Settings in project creation to swap out your TM.

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