In-Context Preview


Preview source documents in Microsoft Word format to get deeper context.


Click the eye to see the source document in Microsoft Word in the In-context preview pane.



You'll see a live preview of the source text in the pane below. Drag the slider up to view more of your document.



Right now only Microsoft Word documents are supported, but we do plan to add more files types. Note: In-context preview is different than our subtitles preview feature, which allows to view subtitles in context. Subtitles preview is currently in beta, please reach out to us at if you would like more information.

You can view up to 10 documents on a forever free plan, 100 on the Rise plan, 300 on Unite and unlimited for Enterprise. Read more about plans and features on our pricing page.

Previews are generated once you open a  Microsoft Word document in the editor and click on the "eye" icon or "In-context preview" tab. Anyone can run a preview: account administrator, project manager or translators working in the document. Once the preview is generated - it counts as one preview. It is only generated once per document, unless you update the document. You can open and work with the preview for your document as many times as you want, it won't consume additional previews.

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