R76: Assigning multiple vendors to a project, filtering projects by language & creation date, new customer support system


Assigning multiple vendors to a project

Some translation customers and large agencies can hire other vendors registered in Smartcat.

Currently, the service is in testing mode and available to a select few translation agencies. If you’d also like to try out the service, feel free to get in touch with us at success@smartcat.ai.

In this release, we’ve added a new feature allowing you to assign multiple vendors to the same project. Previously, you’d need to create separate projects to make this work. That said, you’re free to assign translators from your own team to particular stages of the project as well.

Project managers will receive notifications whenever something changes at any stage of the project. Additionally, you can now update or delete documents in a project that has already been handed over to the vendor(s).

All of this will allow project managers to save time while preparing a project and setting up the workflow.

Filtering projects by language and creation date

Navigating projects is now easier. Choose a source language, a target language or a creation date in the filtering pane to find the project you need.

Filtering projects by language and creation date


Improved communication with the support team

We’ve redesigned how users interact with our customer support specialists to help you get answers to your requests faster and easier. Having difficulties? Search our Help Center for a solution or contact us directly via the new form.

Optimized performance

We’ve put together a dedicated team of Performance Engineers to speed up the page load, document processing and stats calculation to make sure you never miss a beat when working in Smartcat. It’s the invisible things like these that matter in keeping your productivity gears in motion.

In other news:

  • We’ve added an in-app notification that shows up when you upload a file that doesn’t contain any translatable content.
  • We’ve fixed the language code problem related to XLIFF files to prevent possible errors when uploading and downloading such files.

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