Importing jobs to Smartcat for payment

You can add several jobs at once by importing them to Smartcat as an Excel spreadsheet with each row containing the following fields:

Template Field Freelancer Example Company Example
Supplier’s email
Supplier’s full name Sergey Ivanov Localization Company
Supplier's type freelancer company
Service type Translation Translation and editing
Description from English to Spanish Project X43
Unit type Pages Projects
Quantity 1 10
Price per unit 13.20 100.00
Total payable 13.20 1000.00
Currency USD EUR

Here you may see how the dummy jobs above looks like after importing.


Note:  the Supplier's type field defines where a payee will receive the payment to.

  • The Freelancer option stands for the personal balance where a payee can select one of the available payout methods.
  • The Company option stands for the corporate balance, which is the best suited for payments to a vendor-company's suppliers.

To make things easier, you can download the template, fill in the spreadsheet with your suppliers' job details, and import the file back in the Import tab.

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