Localize Portal services

You can now localize the names and descriptions of the services you offer via your Client Portal into any of the languages Smartcat’s UI is available in, including English, Russian, German, Chinese, Turkish, and Japanese. If you’d like to do this for any other languages, please stay tuned as we will soon add more options. With this addition, your clients will be able to view your services in their native languages.

Please note that when you localize the name and description of a service, this only affects how they’re shown on the Portal.

Go to workspace entities directly from reports

When working with reports, you will now be able to go to projects, clients, supplier invoices, suppliers (freelance or LSP), and quotes directly from the report you’re viewing by clicking on the name of the entity. This should save you even more time and make your experience even smoother.

Please note that reports are available only to subscribed users. Are you interested in our plans? Check out our Pricing page.

Provide your tax ID during verification

You can now provide a tax identification number or any other relevant reference number or ID during the verification process. This means faster, more efficient verification for you and other Smartcat users.

Use Intento MT as a proxy provider for other MT services

Intento MT is now available as a customizable MT engine starting with the Unite subscription package. Please reach out to your Customer Success representative if you want it enabled in your account.

If you’re wondering what Intento is, It’s a proxy MT provider that allows you to use various other MT services that Smartcat doesn’t support directly. By default, Intento picks the best MT engines depending on your language pair to increase the overall MT output quality. Still, you’re free to customize its behavior depending on your project subject.

Enjoy a more compact Editor header

We’ve tidied up the header of the Editor so that it takes less vertical space. This gives you more room for what you’re actually after — the translatable content and panels with linguistic tools.

Visualize non-printable characters in the Editor

Many of you asked for this! As you’re editing the translation, we will now be visualizing the following tricky symbols and sequences for you (both in the source and target for the current segment):

  • Non-breaking spaces
  • Two or more consecutive spaces
  • Whitespace at the beginning and at the end of a string

Regular spaces are marked with a small middle dot, while non-breaking spaces show up as small circles, as follows:


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