Access to reports for PMs

Project managers can now view the two reports that are relevant to them — Project Status reports and PM performance reports— as long as the appropriate user role has been assigned to them.

PM performance reports, on the one hand, allow you to view the profit margin per project manager. If you use KPIs or similar targets to measure your PMs’ performance, this improvement will let your PMs track this metric and based on it strive to deliver better results, as well as undertake more projects, thus helping your business grow.

As for Project Status reports, these are great for giving PMs an overview of the projects they manage including the project life cycle and actions that need to be taken.

To get access to reports, subscribe to a paid plan.

Custom fields now live

You can now add custom fields and store additional information about your projects, clients, and suppliers without needing to contact our customer support — just go to “Settings” → “Custom fields”. You do need to have an active subscription to use this feature though. Check out our pricing here.

By adding custom fields, you and the people you work with will be able to have all the information you need at hand and use it to work with your clients and suppliers in a more efficient manner.

Any information you store in custom fields can be accessed via Smartcat’s open API. This means that you can build translation and localization workflows of various complexity involving these data.


More customization options for Google Advanced Translation

When configuring Google Advanced Translation via our REST API, you can now specify optional labels and their values that will be passed through to Google Translate for tracking purposes. See the Project_SetMachineTranslation API method for more information.

The Google Advanced Translation MT engine is available for users with a Rise subscription.

Easier language configuration for automation projects

Our command-line upload tool, smartcat-cli, as well as our continuous localization tool that works on top of it, can now create target project languages on the fly.

This means that all you need to do is add a new language in the automation config, and a new target language will be created in the corresponding Smartcat project, with target language files appearing there automatically as well. Fewer clicks, more efficiency!

See workspace projects in the Client Portal

If you received a client’s order via email or any other channel, you can now upload it to Smartcat using the workspace and then link the project with the client — this way, the project will show up in your Client Portal, and will be visible to the client through the Portal as well.

By smoothly moving your clients into your Portal, you will create a better experience both for them and your own PMs. You will reduce project management workload and streamline communication while allowing the client to track project progress in real time.

Assign LSPs to projects from the Client Portal

PMs can now effortlessly assign translation companies, not just freelance linguists, as suppliers to projects that were created through the Client Portal.

This will make the process of managing Client Portal orders more streamlined and help you ensure that progress tracking, as well as successful completion, does not depend on the supplier type anymore.

  • Previously, there was an issue with our IDML parser where it would sometimes replace styled text with tags. We’ve rectified this unwanted behavior, so don’t worry — you won’t encounter this problem in your work.

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