Faster statistics calculation 

Companies with a relevant subscription can now enjoy more processing power for project statistics calculation. Less time spent on calculating project statistics means you will be able to get work started faster.

Note that in 97% of cases, statistics for Smartcat projects are calculated within seconds, so this paid feature is necessary if you’re going big and have to deal with numerous, large projects. If that’s you — consider upgrading and dedicating more processing power to your projects, and we’d be happy to support your scaling efforts.

Please ask your Customer Success representative or just drop us a line on support@smartcat.com for more information.

Find projects by assignee via the API

When using our GET /api/integration/v1/project/list API endpoint, you can now specify the AssignedToUserID filter to get projects and documents where the specified user is one of the assignees.

Show hidden text behind tags for HTML

Now you can peek into the contents of protected HTML code directly in the Editor by hovering your mouse cursor over tags that look like orange <1>, <2>, etc. placeholders. This will give you more context whether you’re editing a link, a styled text, or something else.


View reports in your preferred currency

You can now view the figures presented in your reports, including Account Receivable reports, Account Payable reports, and Overview reports, in your local currency (more than 100 currencies are supported!).

Previously, if you mostly work with a currency other than US dollars, you had to recalculate the amounts shown in your reports into your preferred currency manually. Not anymore!

Just switch the currency at the filter pane to have all your graphs and tables include information in the currency you select.

Review the average project delay

You can now find out what is the average delay for your projects within a set period of time. This will help you assess information about on-time delivery per production department or specific project manager to measure the efficiency of supply chain processes in your organization.

With this helpful tool at hand, LSPs will be able to set KPIs for their PMs to improve the on-time delivery metric and thus increase customer satisfaction. For translation buyers, in turn, this can mean faster time-to-market.

  • In projects that involve automation, file updates previously caused supplier assignments to be reset. We’ve just fixed this issue, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.
  • We fixed the issue where the context preview window was cleared each time the translation was saved.
  • The Magento connector now supports Magento v. 2.4: it allows you to localize content hosted on a Magento 2.4-powered website in an integrated way.
  • We fixed the issue where in projects that involve automation, the Client and Project Group attributes were reset upon each project update via the API.

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