PM performance reports

As we continue to enhance the reporting functionality, we’re thrilled to announce new ways you can now use it to drive your company’s growth. These features are available with a subscription.

Track revenue per PM

You can now track revenue per project manager per month/quarter/year. This will allow you to monitor and set specific financial goals for PMs that are corresponding with main company business goals, as well as design motivation and goals systems in line with your main business KPI.

Analyze on-time delivery rate

You can now analyze and improve your PMs’ on-time delivery rate. This will allow you to ensure your PMs deliver results on time as well as fix any possible delivery issues.

Dig deep into project data

Take a deep dive into your projects and explore over 15 data elements to gain valuable insights. If done right, you can use this data to increase productivity as well as understand how to improve margins for certain customers’ projects.

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