R73: One-click job refusal, profile tips for freelancers, easier glossary selection


Profile tips for freelancers

Shown on the right-hand pane of the freelancer profile page, the tips are intended to prompt the freelancer to take specific actions with their profile, such as add a photo, provide education details or add contact information. This can help the freelancer make their profile more attractive to potential clients and thus get more job opportunities. For corporate users, on the other hand, this means a more convenient translator database management.

Profile tips for freelancers



A more convenient glossary selection

Finding the right glossary for your project during its creation step has never been easier, thanks to a new feature allowing you to search glossaries by name or filter the available glossaries by project or client.

A more convenient glossary selection

One-click job refusal

Freelancers will no longer have to waste time entering their credentials to access their Smartcat account after they choose to decline a customer’s invitation. Clicking on the button in the invitation email is all a freelancer needs to do to let the customer know they’re not interested in the job.

“New message received” emails, completely redesigned

The format and content of notification emails sent to freelancers when they receive new chat messages have been revised to make them easier to read and use. Besides minor design and layout improvements, such emails now also include information about the sender and the company name. For customers, this can mean faster responses from the freelancers they contact.

New chat messages notification email

Job search page got faster

The freelance job search page now loads 10 times faster, while also delivering a better searching and browsing experience to users.

  • Segmentation for the <sup> HTML tag now works correctly.
  • Cross-file repetitions are no longer included in the statistics on the total project cost page.
  • Automatic chat notifications sent to a freelancer about an invitation they receive now include a link to the project.

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