Translation memory match tiers

On November 27, 2020, we will be introducing changes to how you can use translation memories in Smartcat. Our goal remains to provide you with an unlimited words translated, unlimited projects, and unlimited users to the Smartcat platform. We made this change to better align our LSP users with the appropriate level of functionality based on your needs and level of complexity.

This article explains how these work and how these apply to you.

What are translation memory match tiers?

Translation memory match tiers are a way to categorize users according to how extensively they use the translation memory (TM) match functionality inside Smartcat. Smartcat’s new subscription plans each have a corresponding TM match tier. They are measured in the number of words you can insert or pretranslate from translation memories within one calendar month.

In addition:

  • The tiers do not apply to the storage of translation memories: Smartcat allows for unlimited TM storage in all accounts, including free ones, along with unlimited users, projects, and words.
  • The tiers do not apply to freelancer accounts.

How exactly do you calculate the TM match usage?

The calculation starts on the first day of the month. When a TM match is inserted automatically during pretranslation or translation (when there is a 100% match) or manually by the translator from the CAT panel, the number of words in the source segment is deducted from the allotted monthly wordcount. The exact match percentages do not matter: Once a match is used, the raw words in the source segment will be deducted from the allotted monthly wordcount, whether it’s a 75% or a 100% match. At the same time, internal and cross-file repetitions do not count and will not influence the remaining wordcount.

How exactly does this work in the interface?

As you approach the amount of TM matches outlined in your plan, you will be notified in advance that an upgrade will be required to carry on using TM matches:image1.png

Your linguists will not see the volume of TM matches remaining, but they will still see a warning, color-coded according to the remaining volume:image2.png

Once your allotment has reached 100%, you will not be able to see the content of your TM matches. However, you will still see whether matches exist and their respective match percentages.

Project manager’s view:image3.png

Linguist’s view:image4.png

Don’t worry, even if you have exceeded the threshold, you can still continue to add new content to your TMs by translating and confirming segments as usual. Concordance search will not be affected either, so your team can keep using it to find the right terminology for the source content they encounter. Prestranslation, however, is impacted: Any pretranslation from a translation memory adds to the matches used. If your quota is reached, pretranslation from translation memories will not work.

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