Support for custom Google AutoML models and glossaries

You can now use custom models and glossaries trained via Google AutoML. To do this, please contact our customer support for assistance.

Learn more about building custom models and glossaries using AutoML at the following links:



Simplified Client Portal interface

We’ve built a new web interface that makes it easier for customers to order translations from LSPs registered on Smartcat’s Vendor Marketplace.


We realize that when it comes to Smartcat’s rich functionality, not everyone needs the whole package, such as project management, CAT, supplier assignment, payment automation, etc. Customers can now connect with suppliers in a streamlined, straightforward way to order translation services from them without extra effort.

The new functionality will bring in more potential customers to the platform giving translation companies the opportunity to grow their business.

New languages

Smartcat now supports a few more languages and dialects including Dinkа, Yup'ik (Central Alaskan), Kabuverdianu, Vlax Romani, and Spanish (Colombia).


Short summary of quote info on the project page

For projects created based on a quote, the project page now includes quote details so you can always have this information at your fingertips.


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