In-context preview

You can now preview links that come from external comments right in Smartcat!

As you go from one segment to another, Smartcat will update the preview pane if the link differs from the previous one. This allows third parties to enable external preview functionality by simply providing a preview link in the segment comments in supported file formats, like PO or XLIFF.

Better support for Articulate Rise 360 XLIFF files

Smartcat now offers better support for XLIFF files generated by Rise 360, an online course creation app. To use this feature, select “Rise XLIFF” (risexliff in the UI) as the source file format when uploading your XLIFF files.

This will help you reduce the visual placeholder noise that you would typically see when importing XLIFF files produced by the Rise platform, and allow for better TM reuse.

The “Rise XLIFF” option is available as a part of our paid subscription offering.

Mobile layout for the Client Portal

We have adapted the Client Portal’s layout to work on mobile devices in addition to desktop and laptop computers. This will make ordering services from you even more convenient and fast for your customers.

  • We’ve fixed a bug where re-uploading the same file on top of an existing one would result in blank “changes” being recorded in each segment’s history. This fix will remove the visual noise and make your experience with automated translation projects smoother.
  • Also, the width of the file table in the workspace as well as the “Files” tab of the project page now automatically adjusts to fit the size of the browser window. This means that you will now be able to see longer file names, while text in other columns will less likely be trimmed.
  • And finally, when machine translation is used in a project, Smartcat now performs pretranslation using the selected Translation Memory before applying MT for no-match segments. This speeds up the MT process and reduces unnecessary MT usage.

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