Project archiving

What is an archived project?

An archived project is a project that is moved from the “Projects” tab to the “Archived” tab. Depending on your subscription, archived projects may be completely or partially unavailable.

How long before a project is archived?

45 days after the last activity in the project.

How do I retrieve information from an archived project?

If you upgrade to a subscription, you’ll be able to retrieve source, target, and TMX files from an archived project. Simply click on the folder icon Screenshot_2020-10-07_103621.pngto expand the project’s file list and click on the arrow next to the “Download” button.


In the drop-down menu that appears, select what file type you want to download. Note that you can download only one file type at a time. To download files of other types, repeat the process.

You can download the following file types:

  • Source files. Listed as “Original file”.
  • Bilingual files in TMX format. Listed as “TMX”.
  • Target files. Listed as “Resulting file”.

Note that only users with a paid subscription can download files from archived projects.

If I upgrade to a subscription, will I be able to access my archived projects?

You will be able to completely disable project archiving or set a custom period for this action. Also, you will be able to download source documents, TMX files, and translations from any project archived in the previous 9 months.

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