Source layout check as a workflow stage

The source layout check can now be added as a pre-processing workflow stage at the final step of the project creation process. Once the project is created, you can then assign it as a task to a DTP specialist from your team — or find a freelancer on Smartcat’s marketplace by choosing the “Desktop publishing” option from the “Service” drop-down menu in the filtering panel.

This way, you will prepare your document for translation in a straightforward, streamlined manner. The DTP specialist will work on the document outside of Smartcat using their preferred tools and then re-upload the resulting file back to Smartcat. Once this is done, your linguists will be able to start work on the document in Smartcat’s Editor — or using any other CAT solution you or they prefer.

Source layout check as a workflow stage

Manage client invoices and quotes in a more flexible way

As you might already know, you can now effortlessly create, send and manage client invoices — there’s a dedicated page “Client payments” for that.

On top of that, users with a paid subscription can now create custom invoice templates (Settings → Templates → Invoices) for their clients. Using a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use syntax, you can create as many templates as you need for different clients based on a DOCX document. You’re free to change the format of the invoice according to your needs and add corporate identity elements such as your company’s logo. The resulting invoice will be generated from the DOCX template you created into a PDF file with all the necessary details automatically populated into the respective fields.

You can now also create custom quote templates too, given you have a paid subscription. Similarly, you can send PDF quotes to your existing or prospective clients in a format that suits your requirements and corporate visual guidelines as well as include all the necessary information. A professional look of your quotes can be an important factor in presenting your services, and you’re now equipped with the tools that will help you match your own practices with the expectations of any client, no matter how high-profile they may be.

Issue invoices and track client payments made to your bank account

You can now issue invoices including your bank details directly from Smartcat. Simply head over to the Client payments page, click “Issue invoice” and select “Pay via bank transfer”. You’ll need to specify your bank account details if you haven’t yet. You will also be able to track and create reports for such payments on a dedicated page.

Keep in mind that paid users can also create invoice templates for different clients with custom design and user-defined fields.

We always strive to give you the options to suit your requirements and practices — and when it comes to your earnings, this is no exception.

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