I can’t find my projects. What should I do?

Check your Filters

There’s a great feature to search through your project list. Especially, when you have many projects. But sometimes it can be a bit tricky to see that the filter is on.

Can you spot the problem here right away?


Imagine, that you worked on the missing project for the whole day, deadline is soon and you can’t find your project! Such situation can make finding the problem even harder.

Right, there’s letter o in the search field.

But what if your screen resolution is not big enough to see other filter options, that are hidden at the very bottom of filter section? You have to scroll down first and search for it.

If you don’t want to bother with checking what filters are set and you need all your projects right now - just use that Clear button. It will reset all filters and you are done.

Check the Archive tab


So, if you can’t find your project under Current  tab - try searching it under  Archived tab.

But keep in mind, that all filters applied on one tab also apply on almost every other tab too!

By the way, if you want to know more how and when projects get moved to Archived - take a look here.

Check the server you are working on

Smartcat gives users opportunity to work on different servers, depending on their location. It may improve the load time of the app and overall gives more pleasant experience. Nobody likes to wait more than 10 seconds for page to load, right?

But the solution with different servers has one little quirk. You may change the server and not even notice it.

How? Well, for example you followed invitation link from the client who works on USA server right now, but you are on EU server. Done. You are on USA server now.

Even though you can accept project invitations from different servers, each of them has it’s own list of projects. So, if you worked on EU server yesterday and now looking for your project on USA server - you won’t success.

You can check on what server you currently are. It is shown at the bottom left corner of the page.

You can change the server easily by clicking on this label.

You’ll see the list of servers your account is available at.

If you don’t have such label there - it means that your account is only available on one server. On which one? Check your URL in the browser.

It is easy to understand. Here are available servers at the moment:

  • no subdomain - EU server
  • us - US server
  • ea - Asian server

So, if you can’t find your project on one server - try other! Don’t forget tips we learned before, they apply for each server independently.

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