Translate outside of Smartcat

Yes, you heard it right. You can now opt to use any external CAT tools you or your suppliers prefer instead of Smartcat’s built-in Editor to translate files in any format supported by Smartcat, including all text-based documents.

This means that you can now source linguists from the Smartcat Marketplace and hire them for work outside of our platform. It was never our intention to lock you in, and now you can feel free to use our platform in a more flexible way depending on your needs.

CAT interoperability is the next step in our efforts to expand Smartcat’s TMS functionality, which allows you to be more flexible in your work on the platform. Stay tuned for more updates!

Quote management

Translation companies can now prepare and send quotes to their clients right in Smartcat.

To create a quote, open the “Quote” tab on the project page, select the service you offer, and set a deadline. Additionally, you can upload a document providing a breakdown of the cost.

Once the quote is approved by the client, you will receive a notification.

API methods to assign project managers

You can now assign and unassign managers from projects via Smartcat’s open API using the following methods:

Additional information about these and other methods can be found in our API documentation.

New Editor functions

We’ve expanded the Editor’s functionality with two new features.

The new “Copy source to target” button we’ve added to the Editor’s dashboard helps you save time by copying the content of the current source segment into the current target segment. The additional option, accessible by clicking on the arrow pointing down next to the button, will fill in all the empty target segments with the text from the corresponding source segments. Keep in mind that this action can also be undone in case you performed it accidentally.

Also, there‘s now a quick way to remove the content of one or several target segments. Just hit the button with the broom icon to remove the text in the current segment or select the “Clear all non-empty target segments” option from the dropdown menu that appears if you click on the arrow pointing down next to the button to clear all of the completed translations. If you perform this action by mistake, you will be able to undo it by clicking “Undo Clear”.

New Editor functions

Belarusian and Kazakh dialects of Russian

Following user requests, we’ve added two dialects of the Russian language which can now be selected as a source or target language in addition to the general “Russian” option.

This will allow you to reflect local differences that may be important when translating for the Belarusian and Kazakhstan markets.

Payouts via Payoneer in USD/EUR for Ukrainian freelancers

Freelancers from Ukraine can now receive payouts via Payoneer, an international payment platform, in either US dollars or euros. This could be a convenient way for you, especially if you have a Payoneer prepaid card.


And finally, here’s the list of problems we’ve solved:

  • Fixed an issue where clients who tried to create a new order via the Client Portal received the “Unknown error” message.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from downloading the resulting files for all or multiple target languages in a project created from a multilingual Excel file.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented freelancers from accessing the layout check task page if there was an attempt to complete a previous internal stage (such as translation) due to “insufficient rights”.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from downloading intermediate results in XLIFF format.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Assign a team” button didn’t work in the vendor scenario.
  • Fixed an issue where freelancers who were assigned part of the document saw incorrect progress on the project page.

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