Why Smartcat prevents some files from being uploaded

In Smartcat, you can upload files of various formats, including non-text based ones. Understandably, non-text files cannot be opened and edited using the Editor. However, files of most existing file types can be uploaded and assigned to suppliers, whether they are linguists, reviewers, copywriters, typesetters or any other specialists.

For example, you can upload a DWG drawing and assign it to a technical writer who will check its content using a CAD solution. Or you can upload an MP4 video and assign it to a subtitler. In both cases, the suppliers will be able to deliver the resulting file to you in the original format, and you will be able to pay them the same way you would pay for a translation task.

To help you avoid security risks, certain files, such as executable files and scripts, are restricted from being uploaded. Smartcat blocks files with the following extensions from being uploaded:

ade, adp, apk, app, appx, appxbundle, asp, aspx, asx, bas, bat, cab, cer, chm, cmd, cnt, com, cpl, crt, csh, der, diagcab, dll, dmg, exe, fxp, gadget, grp, hlp, hpj, hta, htc, inf, ins, iso, isp, its, jar, jnlp, js, jse, ksh, lib, lnk, mad, maf, mag, mam, maq, mar, mas, mat, mau, mav, maw, mcf, mda, mdb, mde, mdt, mdw, mdz, msc, msh, msh1, msh1xml, msh2, msh2xml, mshxml, msi, msix, msixbundle, msp, mst, msu, nsh, ops, osd, pcd, pif, pl, plg, prf, prg, printerexport, ps1, ps1xml, ps2, ps2xml, psc1, psc2, psd1, psdm1, pst, py, pyc, pyo, pyw, pyz, pyzw, reg, scf, scr, sct, sh, shb, shs, sys, theme, tmp, url, vb, vbe, vbp, vbs, vhd, vhdx, vsmacros, vsw, vxd, webpnp, website, ws, wsc, wsf, wsh, xbap, xll, xnk

To see the full list of file formats supported by Smartcat’s Editor, see this help article.

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