Work on assignments outside of Smartcat

Freelance translators and translation companies can now opt to work on tasks they’re assigned with outside of Smartcat.

For translation companies, this means that project managers can now add the freelancers that prefer to use third-party CAT tools instead of Smartcat’s Editor to their corporate account. Just assign tasks as you would normally, follow the status and accept the tasks once they’re complete.

Here’s how it works from the translator’s perspective. The “Open” button on the assignment page now offers two options to choose from. The “In Smartcat” option will open the Smartcat Editor while the “In another CAT tool” option will take you to a special page. On that page, you can export the assigned document (or several) as an XLIFF file which can then be imported to your CAT tool of choice. Once you’ve completed work on the document, you will need to save it as an XLIFF file, import it back to Smartcat using the “Upload XLIFF” button and then click on the “Complete task” button.

Work on assignments outside of Smartcat

Work on assignments outside of Smartcat

Assign translation companies from your team via the API

You can now use our API to quickly assign translation companies you saved to your team from our vendor marketplace the same way as you would freelance translators. To do that, use the “POST /api/integration/v1/document/assignVendors” method.

API methods for uploading glossaries

We’ve added two more API methods that will help you work with glossaries in a more efficient way:

Additional information about these and other methods can be found in our API documentation.


Layout check as an assignable task

We’ve moved the “Check and correct the post-translation layout” option from the “Files” step to the “Workflow stages” step. This feature can now be a separate workflow stage to which you can assign people or companies from our Marketplace the same way you would to a translation job. There are many freelancers and companies out there providing this service.

Layout check as an assignable task

Better HTML parsing

We’ve changed the way Smartcat parses the HTML files you upload. TL;DR: the segmentation will now make better sense. Here’s a more detailed explanation of what changed:

  1. Inline elements, such as “span”, will no longer divide the block into separate segments. This means that the line <p><span>pre-</span><span>configured</span></p> will be parsed as a single segment, not two different segments divided as </span>/<span>, as before.
  2. Colons will no longer cause splitting — the line <p class="bodytext">Deadline: Tuesday</p> will be parsed as a single segment, too.

This time, we’ve fixed an issue where non-printable characters in units within a TMX file, especially those containing Japanese, Chinese, and Korean characters, prevented the file from being imported successfully.

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