Filtering in Client management

Translation companies can now use the filtering option under the Rates tab on the Client management page. This will help you navigate your client list along with their respective language pairs and services with ease.

This feature is available with a paid subscription only.

Filtering in Client management

Import client rates in a CSV file or via the API

If you keep a database with client rates in a TMS or CRM, you can now quickly transfer it to Smartcat in a CSV file. Also, you can use our open API to import and export your client rates between Smartcat and your system of choice. This way, you won’t have to waste time entering each rate manually and will be able to keep your client data up to date.

All available API methods are listed here.

This feature is available with a paid subscription only.

Import client rates in a CSV file or via the API

TM matches by segment ID

Context matches can be very helpful, but when it comes to localization, traditional ways to define a context match might not be enough — strings can be arbitrarily extracted from a large resource file, reordered or pushed individually.

In many localization file types, each string comes with an ID — the software uses string IDs to know where the text should be displayed in the UI. Now, Smartcat will check whether the ID of the segment matches the TM in addition to the segment content and its context. Therefore, the maximum possible match percentage can now be as high as 103%. Rates for 103% matches are calculated in the same way as 102% matches.


I don’t work with localization files. Will anything change for me?

We’ve made it simple, so in short, no. Nothing will change. You don’t need to choose the context type for TMs you create or import. We’ll do that automatically for you.

How will 103% matches affect the calculation of weighted words?

103% matches are calculated in exactly the same way as 102% matches taking into consideration the extra criterion. In terms of payments and statistics, nothing will change.

Can I import and export the new context match type using TMX files?

Yes. The TM units will have the ‘x-context’ property if they are mapped to the string keys.

What about pretranslation?

If you work with localization files, you can enable automatic insertion of 103% matches in the project’s pretranslation settings.

  • Fixed the issue with notification emails about order updates on the Client Portal.
  • Fixed an issue with chat messages lacking the day separator.
  • Fixed the 404 error that appeared when trying to continue searching for freelancers after creating a new project and assigning it to a freelancer from the team.

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