Filtering by ID and TM match %

First, you can now find segments with a specific ID, such as a string ID in localization files, using the filtering dialog.

ID filtering

Second, you can now find segments with fuzzy matches of a set range in percent as well as segments with a 103% match under “Source of last insertion”.

A 103% match occurs when working with files in which segments have an ID, such as localization files. Smartcat will check whether the ID of the segment matches the TM in addition to the segment content and its context. Thus, 103% is now the maximum possible match percentage. The rates for 103 percent matches are calculated in the same way as for 102 percent matches. Rates for 103% matches are calculated in the same way as for 102% matches.

Filtering by fuzzy matches & 103%


A bunch of nasty bugs is now history, including:

  • Fixed an issue where, if the project description contained more than 500 characters, clicking the “Post job” button in the project caused a 400 Bad Request error.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior when choosing a word option in the Japanese layout in the Editor on MacOS.
  • Vendor users assigned to a project of a client who has the project-searching functionality can now use this feature as well within the assigned project.
  • Fixed incorrect line breaks that appeared when creating translation memories from XLSX files.
  • Fixed an incorrect message text in Joomla! CMS notifying that articles were sent for translation (“Project created” → “Selected articles have been submitted for translation”).
  • Fixed an issue with Joomla where if a translated article had an alias that matched an existing article its translation status was set to “Failed”.
  • Fixed an issue with Joomla where a “File does not exist” warning message appeared during the Smartcat Translation Manager installation process.

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