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We have recently rolled out an all-new, from-the-scratch version of our CAT editor. Unfortunately (sorry!), the move involved numerous bugs and glitches. We made the list below to make our work on them more transparent. We’ll be updating it at regular intervals so you can see if your requests (thanks for them!) have already been handled.

Newer fixes go on top of the list:

  • Glitches in the rendering of the border between source and target cells — FIXED
  • “Go to segment number” function does not always work — FIXED
  • Editor crashes when moving tags — FIXED
  • Cannot insert tags in the end of the segment — FIXED
  • Leading and trailing whitespaces are not inserted from the clipboard — FIXED
  • Navigation between segments with placeholders does not work — FIXED
  • Incorrect behavior when moving a segment to the next workflow stage — FIXED
  • Segments incorrectly appear confirmed on subsequent workflow stages — FIXED
  • Tags remain highlighted after deselecting — FIXED
  • Hotkeys do not work on non-English keyboard layouts — FIXED
  • Segment confirmation hotkey incorrectly changed on Mac — FIXED
  • “Undefined” instead of placeholders: Certain rules break the display of placeholders in the editor — FIXED
  • Editor does not open in old browser versions — FIXED
  • Photos attached to a segment not displayed — FIXED
  • Scrolling does not work correctly when moving the slider quickly — FIXED
  • Internal error when opening Editor — FIXED
  • Segment confirmation error: “Segment was changed before confirmation” — FIXED
  • Incorrect tooltip behavior when hovering over yellow error signs — FIXED
  • Auto-replacement of text in incorrect segments — FIXED
  • Incorrect font when inserting text from third-party sources — FIXED
  • Segment merging and mass confirmation limited to 1000 segments — FIXED
  • No TM information in the CAT Info pane — FIXED
  • Mac: hotkeys do not work in Editor — FIXED
  • Segments return to the previous workflow stage after merging — FIXED
  • Wrong order of TM suggestions in CAT pane — FIXED
  • If the source has one closing tag, it is not copied to the target — FIXED
  • Copying and pasting from some applications doesn’t work — FIXED
  • Context links not clickable — FIXED
  • MT suggestions show match percentage — FIXED
  • Segment confirmation button in the UI doesn't work — FIXED
  • Can’t open updated documents in Editor — FIXED
  • Editor allows to insert line breaks in the target — FIXED
  • Mac: Placeholder insertion hotkeys do not work — FIXED
  • Mac: Tag insertion hotkeys do not work — FIXED
  • Confirmed segments keep showing up as confirmed after editing — FIXED
  • Mass segment confirmation works incorrectly — FIXED
  • Focusing on a segment does not display it in its entirety — FIXED
  • Long localization contexts go beyond segment boundaries — FIXED
  • No way to ignore errors — FIXED
  • Text inserted before a placeholder is duplicated — FIXED
  • Segments do not get blocked after rollback to previous workflow stage — FIXED
  • Focus jumps to segments after searching for text — FIXED
  • Cannot edit empty segments on Firefox — FIXED
  • Replace function does not work — FIXED
  • Delete key does not work properly for RTL languages — FIXED
  • Editor does not work on Internet Explorer — FIXED
  • Split / Merge functions do not working properly — FIXED
  • Cursor jumps to the beginning of a segment — FIXED
  • Selecting text by Shift+click does not work — FIXED
  • “Go to glossary term” link does not work — FIXED
  • Pasted text gets placed at the beginning of the segment, not at the cursor — FIXED

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