How can I merge 2 segments?

Sometimes when the source files are not formatted properly, sentences end up being split inside the Smartcat editor. This means that in many cases, the TM might end up with mismatched segments where the translation is not accurate. For example:


The word "LEADING" is in segment 4 in the source but segment 5 in the translation.

The solution would be to merge segments before adding the translation and that option is available in the editor using the Merge button:


Use the CTRL key to select the segments to be merged and click on the Merge button or use the hotkey (CTRL-SHFT-J).

However, there are limitations to this process. If the segments are separated by a paragraph break (hard return), then the segments cannot be merged. This will happen frequently when the creator of the source document is not familiar with all the formatting options and splits titles, captions or table content using a paragraph break. This can also happen when OCR is used to process some complex files. The solution for this problem would be to review the source file and make sure that this does not happen. And delete paragraph marks when they split sentences. When dealing with multilingual project, this can save a lot of time in post-processing of translated documents and also help maintain a consistent TM.

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