How does a freelancer receive and evaluate a task?

When a translator receives an invitation to a project, they have the option to accept or decline the project, but in order to make that decision, they might need to get more information especially if it comes from an LSP that they have not work with before.

When a task is assigned, an email will be sent to the assignees. The email will look like the following screenshot:

The email contains some information like the number of words that could be used by the translators to decide. But in many cases, they might need more information. By clicking on the View Details button, it will take them to their Smartcat account where the task will appear for review.

The task description includes the following elements:

A. The name of the customer. Clicking on this link will display the corporate profile.

B. Payment terms for the job and other related information.

C. A Chat Now button to start a conversation with project manager if needed. No need to send emails or make calls to get answers quickly.

D. If references files have been added to the project, they can be downloaded for review. This could give the translator some context about the job.

E. Task and languages for the job

F. The rate offered

G. The option to Accept or Decline the job

H. The deadline for each document as well as a link to preview the file in the Smartcat editor.

Statistics will also be displayed, showing the number of words in the document as well as a detailed breakdown of the types of matches found. An estimation of the total payment for the task is also calculated:

The option to preview the file will allow the translator to view the content in the Smartcat editor and also accept or decline the job:

Before accepting the task, the translator can browse through the entire file, review matches from the translation memories and machine translation (if used). If the translator decides to accept the task, the editor will reload and work can start. If the translator declines the task, it will disappear from the My task page and will be assigned to another vendor.

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