What are the Client and Project Groups fields?

To streamline the project creation process, it's highly recommended using the Client and Project Group labels to tag linguistic assets and projects. Clients can be another corporation or a division in the company. The client labels can be created in the Settings section.

This will open a new page that will list clients that you have defined previously and the option to add new clients if needed.


Clicking on the Add Client button opens the following page:


It is possible to add many contacts for each client.

Note: Your client list will display 2 different types of icons for your client:

mceclip2.png - These clients have been added automatically at the customer portal.

mceclip3.png - These are clients added manually.

For clients added via the portal, name and contacts cannot be edited because they were created by the customer themselves.

Project Groups can also be added using one of the options in the Settings menu. The Project Groups label can be used in conjunction with client labels, for example to tag different division in a large company and keep language assets separate or to group linguistic assets of multiple companies in one single TM.

For example, one LSP working for many small law firms might not create a separate TM for each client but could create a Legal project group, tag a TM and a glossary with that label and use these 2 databases for all their projects for law firms.

These 2 labels are crucial for the organization of data that is so important in order to get the most of a tool like Smartcat.

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