R71 Russia: Notes for team members, project subjects and more


Notes for team members

Managers can now add a few words to the profiles of the members of their company’s team, including both “own” linguists and freelancers found on Smartcat. For example, you can make a note that Andrew is tech-savvy yet not very crypto-savvy; that Irene is on vacation until November, and Ollie can only take on small tasks.

The new feature allows you and your managers to get an easier access to the information on each linguist helping everyone save time on communication. 


The notes will only be visible to account users with managerial access rights — the linguists themselves and other companies will not be able to see them. In fact, there are two separate fields — one for general comments and the other for skills and experience details. 

Project subjects

Corporate account owners can now set one or multiple subjects for a new project during its creation process or for an existing one by editing its settings.


Additionally, this change will make freelancer reviews more informative since the review details will include the project subject(s) making it easier for other potential customers to see the subject in which the reviewed freelancer has excelled. 

  • When creating a new project via the API, the client and/or project group(s) you select will now be used to automatically link the corresponding TMs and glossaries to the project — the same way as when you create a project using the UI.
  • The chat notification icon now shows the number of received messages instead of the number of active conversations, as was the case previously.
  • If you hover the cursor over a project’s name under the Team tab on the project page, a tooltip with that project’s full name will now be shown. This will make it easier to track progress when working on multiple projects with long and similar names.

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