R70 Kazakhstan: Easier review posting, handier tags, “Certified” badge and more


Easier freelancer review posting

You can now leave a review of the freelancers you’ve worked with straight after the work is finished without needing to wait for the notification email. Simply navigate to the “Team” tab on the project page.

We realize that it’s our responsibility to reduce email overload for you. Now, if you had multiple freelancers working on your project, multiple notifications with links to freelancer review pages will be sent as a single email.

Also, the language pair is now shown in the review details to help other Smartcat customers get a better picture of the reviewer’s experience with the reviewed freelancer when browsing that section.

Thank you for taking the time to leave useful, comprehensive reviews. This helps others find the right candidates for their projects faster, while talented translators can benefit from this by getting hired more often.


Improved look-and-feel for tags

Once parsed, texts with complex formatting may look confusing and hard to work with due to the abundance of tags. We’ve taken the following steps with translators in mind:

  • Paired tags now look visually different than single tags to help you differentiate between them.
  • Paired tags are now highlighted on click both in source and target so you can quickly and easily check whether they’re in the right place.


New badge type “Certified”

Our partner LSPs can now award their best talents with a “Certified” badge. An orange check mark next to a translator’s name means that a Smartcat partner has confirmed that the freelancer is very reliable in terms of quality and delivery time.

In addition, a new criteria was added to the search options allowing you to view only those linguists who are certified by our partner companies. For example, if you’re about to start work on an English-to-Turkish project, be sure to check out these specialists marked by Turkish LSPs Saylon and Localex.

You can also find out which company has certified the freelancer by clicking on the badge.

Learn how to become a Smartcat partner in our partnership requirements.


  • The ability to create invoices with 500+ jobs included is back.
  • Fixed the problem that prevented SDLXLIFF files containing locked text from opening in Trados after being exported from Smartcat.
  • Fixed the problem that prevented the glossary import error report from downloading.
  • Fixed the problem that caused the statistics for single files to be exported as ZIP files instead of XSLX or XML files.
  • Invoices are now created error-free regardless of the language of the project name.

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