R69 Marshall Islands: Target length limit, changes in project stats calculation and more


Target length limit

You can now set and change the maximum allowed length (i.e. number of characters) of the target segments in the editor. You will no longer have to worry about whether the localized content fits into the UI or mobile app description field.


You can restrict the length of multiple segments by clicking on them while holding the Shift key. Also, Smartcat will import the maximum target length settings from the XLIFF files you upload and apply them to the corresponding segments.


Big changes in project statistics calculation

First of all, we’ve changed the calculation algorithm for texts in Japanese and all dialects of Chinese. In documents containing alphabetic characters along with Japanese or Chinese characters, each group will be displayed in a separate column.

Second, placeholder content is not longer counted as separate words. Placeholders are typically used to protect untranslatable fragments of text, such as code, formatting, etc. from editing.

Third, history of calculation is now kept, allowing you to browse your earlier data at any time.

Fourth, calculation is now initiated automatically as you navigate to the Statistics tab on the project page without you needing to click the button.

Fifth, you can now set up automatic email statistics reports on the Notifications page.

And finally, we’ve slightly improved the page design to make it more convenient to use.

  • UI elements in the editor will no longer appear cropped in Safari.
  • Term searching and language filtering will now function properly.
  • Following feedback from users, we’ve removed excessive, distracting chat and email notifications about completion of work on a task.

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