R67 Fiji: New MT, payouts to Smartcat Mastercard, new SEA currencies and more


New machine translation engines

As part of the collaboration with our partners at Inten.to, we’ve integrated three new machine translation engines into our CAT editor, including the much-praised DeepL, Baidu Translate and YeeCloud MT.

The latter two are developed by Chinese companies; the search giant Baidu and cross-language big data provider GTCOM, respectively. Those engines will work best in projects where Chinese is the source or target language.

If your project languages are supported by the new engines, they will become available, and ready to be activated in one click, on the project page under the Resources tab.

Payouts to the Smartcat Mastercard

Users from a majority of countries and regions around the world can now opt for the Smartcat Mastercard as their preferred method for receiving payouts. You can use the card to receive your Smartcat earnings without any commission, as well as for payments both online and offline, the same way you would using any other debit card. Also, you can withdraw cash in ATMs anywhere in the world using your Smartcat Mastercard. The card can be denominated in US dollars or Euros.

You can order your Smartcat Mastercard by signing up with ePayments, a reliable international payment service provider. Learn how to order the card, transfer your Smartcat earnings to it, and use it for making payments.

Payouts via local wire transfer

Users from Argentina and Eurozone countries can now opt for a local wire transfer as their preferred payout method. If you choose this method, you will enjoy lower fees, and won’t have to deal with a local currency conversion, as was previously the case with international wire transfers and payouts to bank cards.

No fees are charged on payouts exceeding €215, or 4,400 Argentinian pesos. For smaller amounts, a 4€, or 88 ARS, fee will be charged.

Learn more about payout options for Argentina or Eurozone countries.

New currencies for Southeast Asia

Freelancers from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia can now set their rates and receive payment for the jobs they’ve completed in their country’s currency without conversion to USD.

If you are a freelancer and want to enjoy lower fees while receiving your Smartcat earnings in your local currency, change your payout method to “Local wire transfer”. No fees are charged on payouts exceeding the equivalent of $250. For smaller amounts, a fee of the equivalent of $5 will be charged.

Companies from Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia can now calculate project costs, pay translators, view freelancers’ prices and set their team members’ rates in their home currencies.


Pagination in projects

Navigating documents and target languages has become easier, now that we’ve introduced pagination inside of projects.

Filter by “Client not specified”

Did you know that in Smartcat you can create “client” entities and link your projects, TMs and glossaries to them so you can then filter them by client? We’ve added the missing option, “Client not specified.” Here’s how it works:


  • Added an ability to copy text in the Revisions panel of the CAT editor.
  • Improved the behavior of the drop-down list at the assignment page.
  • Got rid of excessive outgoing emails from managers in scenarios involving collaborative project work.
  • Allowed team members to see other members’ contact details.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when trying to access the test job while signed in to an account located on a server other than the customer’s server.
  • Fixed a 404 error that occurred upon applying a new QA rule after confirming a segment.
  • Fixed an error where the document upload progress meter stayed at zero.
  • Fixed an error where chat messages stayed unread unless you click on the message input field.

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