What is Smartcat?

Smartcat is a platform where translators and customers can find each other, collaborate, and automate their mutual payments and paperwork.

Who is it for?

All industry participants: translation companies, freelancers — translators, editors, proofreaders, — as well as localization departments of any businesses.

What can I do here?


Use a free CAT editor, keep and reuse translation memories, add terms to glossaries, make QA checks, and more.

Manage your team of linguists

Add all your translators to your team, set their rates for automatic cost calculation, and fill in their profiles to easily find them for future projects. Don’t worry — your team is only visible to you.

Manage projects

Quickly distribute tasks among linguists, manually or automatically. Talk to your team in chat rooms and comments. Forget manual cost calculations — Smartcat does it for you.

Find and test translators

Not enough people or skills in your own team? Find and hire from among 120,000+ linguists right in Smartcat.

Automate payment and paperwork chores

For businesses: Pay all your translators with one transaction. Add payable amounts even for work done outside of Smartcat.

For freelancers: Follow your payout balance on the My Payouts page. Receive payouts to your credit or debit card, bank account, Smartcat Mastercard or PayPal. Create and send invoices directly from Smartcat.

Find work

Fill in your profile so that customers can find and hire you for their projects. Follow the job board. Get instant notifications about new projects.

How much does it cost?

Smartcat is free to use. If you pay or receive payments via the platform, you pay Smartcat a small percentage of the amount as a service fee (Read more).

Sounds interesting? Sign up now!

We hope you like it here :-)

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