R66.2 Smartcat’s team management platform: How it helps translators

Smartcat will release an important update on March 10 to make the collaboration with your customers much easier: We have automated a whole range of routine tasks to help you focus on translation and not the auxiliary routines. The table below summarizes the changes introduced to your typical customer workflow.

What Before After
Your professional information Previously, the customer learned about your experience and specialization from your emails and online profiles. Such information was easy to forget and/or took long to find.

Now your profile is securely stored in your customer’s account on Smartcat. The customer will add your rates, specializations, and other important notes, which will only be visible to you and the customer.

You can in turn enhance your profile by adding your photo, a short bio, and a few sample translations.

So make sure to complete your profile once the release is out.

Workspace Previously, you would work on projects from customers in their own corporate accounts.

Now all your tasks are in your personal workspace.

Important! If you are both a translator and a project manager, you will manage your customer’s projects and/or resources in their corporate workspace, not your personal one (see video). You will only have access to the projects and linguistic assets where the access was directly granted to you by your customer.

Job invitations Previously, customers would invite you via email, telephone, or Skype. This involved exchanging files, negotiating terms, and other routine tasks. Then they would manually assign you to a job in Smartcat.

Now you will get an SMS — make sure to add a phone number in your profile! — and an email with a link to the project page.

In the email, you can see the text for translation and all details, including TM discount and payment terms from the customer’s profile.

Depending on the project settings, you may be assigned to the project immediately or listed as an applicant and possibly assigned later.

Price calculation Previously, the customer and yourself would calculate the price separately and negotiate it given the word count, TM matches, etc. Now you can view the word count and TM matches in real time. Moreover, if the customer has enabled the feature, you will also see the price calculated at your agreed rate.

Previously, the customer and you had to keep track of the projects completed and paid for and reconcile the figures every month.

Besides, you had to adjust to your customer’s proposed payment methods.

Now the customer can pay you via Smartcat based on the automatically and transparently calculated price.

You will see all jobs you have completed, their payment statuses, and the total balance.

You may withdraw money in a variety of ways: to your bank card, including a prepaid Smartcat Mastercard, to your bank account, or via PayPal.

*Applies if the customer opts to use Smartcat’s payment automation solution.


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