R66 Smartcat’s team management platform: How it helps managers

Smartcat will release an important update on March 10 to make translation team management easier for you: We have automated a whole range of routine tasks to save you dozens of work hours every month. Here is a summary before-and-after table, grouped by everyday tasks of a translation project manager.

Please don’t forget to share this link with your translators to streamline your switch to the updated workflow.

Task Before After
Vendor management

Previously, you only had names and emails recorded for your translators.

Now all your translators have profiles with language pairs, rates, specializations and other important information.

You and your colleagues are the only users who can view your translators’ profiles.

Finding translators Previously, you would keep your translator databases in separate Excel tables and select assignees for specific projects semi-manually. Now you can use a full-featured search mechanism to browse your Smartcat team members according to their specialization, language pair, and rate.
Job invitations

Previously, you used to send out job invitations by yourself via email, telephone, or Skype. This involved sending files, negotiating terms, etc.

Upon confirmation, you would manually assign each translator to a Smartcat document.

Now you just select your invitees and click Invite. They will immediately get an SMS and an email with a link to the project page, where they will see the text for translation and all the project and payment details. By accepting your invitation, they agree to the proposed terms.

You may opt to have Smartcat automatically assign the first translator who accepts the invitation or wait for a few translators to confirm their availability before assigning one or several of them.

For more how-to details, please see the help page.
Price calculation Previously, Smartcat would only calculate the cost of work automatically for freelancers found on Smartcat.

Now you can have the cost of work calculated automatically for your own linguists as well*.

* This is a beta option and its availability terms may change.
Payment Previously, you would only pay via Smartcat for work performed by Smartcat freelancers or for jobs you added manually.

Now you can use Smartcat to pay to your assignees based on the automatically calculated price.

Whether you want to use Smartcat to pay your own translators or not is totally up to you.


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