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Here you can find the answers to some questions that are often asked.

How do I know my payment data is safe?

Our users’ cardholder data is stored in a highly secure environment and handled by our payment partner. Its services are certified to PCI DSS Level 1, which is the highest level of certification within the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

Can I ask a customer to make an advance payment?

In Smartcat, only completed work can be paid.

Will I get paid for a test assignment I have completed?

Test translations are not paid in Smartcat. Should you be invited to complete a test, you will receive an email notification containing details of the assignment. Such assignments are marked as Test Tasks in your workspace. Please report any cases when a customer asks you to perform tasks in Smartcat for free.

Can a client charge me a penalty fee?

According to Smartcat’s rules, freelancers may be subject to penalty fees in some cases, including the following:

  1. If you have completed less than 30% of assigned work and have notified the client that you will not continue, the customer may decide not to pay for the work.
  2. If you have completed more than 30% of assigned work and have notified the client that you will not continue in good time before the deadline expires, you will receive full payment for the amount of work you have completed.
  3. If you are unable to continue and the deadline is almost up, the client may decide not to pay for the work.
  4. If you used machine translation without doing sufficient post-editing of the output, the client may decide not to pay for the work.

Some clients may establish penalty fees for violation of their specific quality policies. Make sure you check the client’s profile before you start working. If the client threatens to charge you a penalty fee without having any relevant information indicated in their profile, please report such issues to our support team.

How can I withdraw the money to my credit/debit card?

You will automatically receive payment within 5 business days after Smartcat receives the payment from the client or after adding your new payout method. In case of a delay, please get in touch with us. You can check the status of any payment under the Payment Statuses tab in My Payouts.

Would that be okay if the client pays me bypassing Smartcat?

No, that would be against Smartcat’s rules.

I received an email stating that the payment had been transferred to me, and the status of the payment changed to Paid. However, I have not received any money. What should I do?

Make sure that the money you were supposed to receive with the payment method you had specified in your account wasn’t transferred within the period of 5 days prior to the payment date by checking the bank statement. You can find the payment date in the My Payments section on the Payment Status tab.

If you don’t see the payment, please contact our support team and specify the client’s name, the name of the project you have been working on, the amount of money, and your payment method. Also, please attach a screenshot of a bank statement from your bank account including the account number and all operations for the period.

The payment status is shown as Processing payment even though the processing time has passed. When will I get the money?

We’re really sorry you’re experiencing these issues. Please do the following:

  • Check your spam folder. Unfortunately, our emails are sometimes filtered as spam. We may have tried to notify you about the problem or requested your payment details.
  • Make sure you have provided all the necessary details on the My Payouts page.
  • Payouts through International or Local Wire Transfers must exceed the threshold, you may check it in the wire description in My Payouts, to be processed automatically within 5 business days. Payouts under the threshold will be kept on your Smartcat balance. If you prefer to receive smaller amounts click on the button "Request payout under threshold" in My Payouts.
  • Payouts through a bank card must exceed the threshold (10 USD, or 10 EUR, or 100 RUB).
  • Payouts through Payoneer must exceed the threshold (7 USD or 18 EUR)
  • PayPal and some other payment services have limitations on the amount you can receive. Check your transaction history to make sure that is not the issue.

The client failed to meet payment deadlines. What should I do?

You can contact the client using the built-in Chat and ask why the payment is delayed. If the client does not reply, please send a request to our support team including the following information:

  • the client's name
  • document and project names

Can I keep up earnings on my Smartcat balance and withdraw only after a certain amount is reached? If so, how can I request the withdrawal?

To keep funds, you need to remove the payment method and wait until the right amount has topped up. So when you want to withdraw funds from the account, please add the preferred payment method, and the payment will be processed automatically within 5 business days.

I received the letter that money was credited to my Smartcat balance but my Smartcat balance hasn't changed.

Make sure that the email address to which you received the notification and the email address with which you logged in to Smartcat are the same.

I received the money but my Smartcat balance hasn’t changed. Why?

Your balance can take up to 24 hours to update.

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