Completing your profile

There is one thing you definitely should do before applying to translation jobs and so on — complete your profile.

To edit your profile, click My Profile in the sidebar. The first thing to do is to add services you want to offer by selecting the language pairs and types of services within the form, such as translation, editing, proofreading, project management, desktop publishing, etc. Though the best way is to fill in as much information as possible, of course, it has to be honest and relevant including subjects and dialects.

It would be better if the currency of your services matches the currency of your payout method for the sake of saving on exchange.


These points will help to highlight your profile:

  • Set your per-word rates. If unsure, browse the profiles of other freelancers with the same language pair, specialization, and experience.
  • Choose the subjects you are well-accustomed to.
  • Fill in your personal details, including  About Me, the section where you can truly get creative.
  • The portfolio section will help you show some great examples of work done, it's especially important if you just get started. Feel free to attach training certificates, diplomas, and degrees.
  • Your work experience and education may become the ultimate weapon if it is filled comprehensively.
  • Make sure you respond to invitations within 15–20 minutes, even if you are busy right now, that is, just leave a message via the chat in Smartcat (the link you may find in the invitation). It might be that the customer wants you to do translation and doesn't mind waiting until you are free.


Smartcat has an embedded job board that you may check within Translation jobs in your account. There are offers published directly by customers. To filter out jobs that you are interested in, apply the filter panel on the right.

The following aspects are crucial to your search ranking:

  • How many words you have translated in Smartcat.
  • Tests you have completed in Smartcat.
  • The number and quality of reviews left by your Smartcat customers.

Please remember that there are certain rules for using the platform:

  1. The cost of translation is automatically calculated by Smartcat, you don’t need to calculate anything additionally.
  2. Projects are paid for in Smartcat. You can choose to receive the money using any method that is convenient for you including credit or debit card, bank account, PayPal account, etc.
  3. If the client has not indicated clearly that they need the machine translation post-editing (PEMT), do not use machine translation. In any case, using machine translation without proper post-editing can be the reason for a complaint from the customer.
  4. Customers are prompted to leave a review after you’ve completed the job. If you haven’t received a review, do not hesitate to remind the client that you would appreciate their feedback. Having many positive reviews is a great way to attract more potential customers.

If you aren’t available for translation projects currently, please turn off the “Show me in search results” setting on the profile page.

So what should you do if  you don’t have any experience working in Smartcat yet? We suggest taking time to explore the CAT Editor, so you can prepare yourself for a real job. Once you are invited to a project, you will receive an email and chat notifications, so do not forget to check your inbox regularly.

Here's an example of a completed profile that you may use as a reference.

Completing your profile

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