Payout options for Russia

Bank card in RUBBank card in USD or EURQIWIPayoneerTo local bank accounts for self-employedTo local bank account for individual entrepreneur

Currency: Russian Ruble (RUB)

Fees: 4%, unless you and the customer have agreed otherwise. You can check the list of the companies that reimburse your fees on the My Payouts page (click on the button "Learn more" on your payout method).

Processing time: Payouts can take up to five business days to process on Smartcat’s side and up to one business day on the bank’s side.

Required information: 

  • Cardholder's full name
  • Card number

How to choose: On the My Payouts page

Comments and limitations: 

Smartcat allows you to specify the minimum amount of payout you would like to obtain. For details, refer to this article.

  • Payouts are made to MIR, Visa, and MasterСard credit and debit cards issued in Russia.
  • Payouts cannot be made to prepaid cards including those issued by Revolut.
  • The minimum payout threshold is 100 rubles.
  • The maximum payout amount is 200,000 rubles per transaction and 1 500,000 rubles per month.

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