R60 Malaysia: Lilt integration, mass segment confirmation, new languages supported by MT engines and more

  • Lilt integration.
  • Mass segment confirmation in the Editor (in beta).
  • Support for MIF files (Adobe FrameMaker).
  • Support for new languages by MT engines. Bing: Afrikaans, Bengali, Filipino, Swahili. Google: Amharic, Armenian, Burmese, Filipino, Khmer, Kyrgyz, Malayalam, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Sinhalese, Tajik, Zulu.
  • Unconfirmed segment with the “Draft” status are now included in the SDLXLIFF/XLIFF uploads.
  • Issue with cursor skipping to the next segment if the tag is in the beginning of the line.
  • Issue with shifting focus from the current segment after the tip shows and then disappears.
  • Issues with concordance search.
  • Random cursor movements.
  • No need to reload the page after you’ve connected a TM for writing on the project page.
  • Error 500 while attempting to prohibit linguists to merge/split segments and/or download documents.
  • API: Document ID added to CallbackErrorModel.

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