Properties of a translation memory

Translation memory properties allow not only to keep your linguistic resources neat and tidy but also to automate a part of your work.

To be precise, such properties as Project groups and Clients let you automate translation memory application to new projects. That is, if  you indicate a specific client or group of projects during the project creation, all translation memories that have the client or group of projects will be automatically connected to the project, which saves time on resource management.

To add the properties to a translation memory, select it in the list in your Smartcat account and hit the Edit button.


Here are things that can be modified:

  • The name of a TM
  • Comments
  • Subjects
  • Clients
  • Project groups
  • Add a new target language

Please note that the original and target languages can be changed only if a TM does not contain any translation units for the languages, and it is not used in any projects. However, you can add a new target language anytime.


After you enter your changes, press Save.


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