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Documents may contain segments repeated multiple times throughout the entire project. With Smartcat, you can only translate and confirm the segment once, while all its repetitions will be automatically filled in. See the down arrow next to the segment number to know if a segment is repeated elsewhere in the project or not: 

 If the project manager has enabled or configured the repetition settings for the project, the assignees' personal settings can't be applied to this particular project, nor can assignees modify those. If the settings haven't been specified for a certain project by the project manager, then the assignees' personal settings will apply to this project.

To enable auto-propagation and confirmation of the repeated segments, just click the Repetitions button on the project’s page. 


This dialog box will appear:


Here is a quick explanation of each option:

Allow auto-propagation. This is the master switch that will tell Smartcat to look for and fill in the repetitions throughout the entire project.

Force for the entire project. This setting will make assignees comply with the rules set up by the project manager.

Propagate to segments with different case. If two segments have identical content but different case, Smartcat will propagate the text to such segments regardless of their case in either of the two scenarios:

Use the original case — the current segment's case will be saved
Use the match case — the current segment's case will be changed to match the first confirmed segment

Propagate to confirmed segments. When enabled, this setting will overwrite all previously confirmed segments by the one being confirmed the last.

Confirm auto-propagated segments. Once auto-propagated, the segments will be automatically confirmed.

Sometimes a segment that is a repetition of the previous segment should not be auto-propagated. For example,  when the segment has a different contextual meaning, it may require different translation. Click the down arrow next to the segment number to ignore the repetition settings.  

The down arrow will become crossed out to indicate the new status.

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