Creating glossary

In Smartcat you can create an unlimited number of glossaries to help you maintain consistency between batches of content being translated.

Smartcat glossaries are multilingual so you can create a glossary with any number of languages.

  1. Go to Linguistic assets and select Glossaries from the drop-down menu.

2. Press Create Glossary.  

3. In the window that opens choose a unique name for your glossary, add all the languages that will be used in the glossary, assign a client or a project tag.

If you already know the structure that you want to use in the glossary, for example different fields, click Advanced which will open another dialog box to change the glossary structure and properties. If not, you'll be able to change it after creating the glossary. 

4. and Click Save

You can also import a ready glossary created outside Smartcat as described in this article

Learn more from our video tutorial:

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