Promoting your translation company on the Marketplace

Setting up your translation company profile is a fairly straightforward task which makes a big difference to the company’s presence on the Smartcat Marketplace. This article explains the best practices for setting up your company profile to increase its appeal and visibility for potential clients.

For starters, navigate to the Clients section, open the Corporate Profile tab and choose your company's contact person. This person will be the recipient of all incoming messages from clients. To do this:

  1. Start editing the Corporate Profile tab and make the required selection in the Choose the contact person field.
  2. Enable the option Show in search results for translation companies.

Specify the services your company provides so that we can automatically calculate their cost for the client. Proceed as follows:

  1.  Open the Services tab and start editing the Add service tab.
  2. Add the relevant services and select only one workflow stage for each service, as shown in the table below.
Service Workflow stage Unit type Subjects
MT Post Editing MT Post Editing words optional
words optional
Editing Editing words optional
words optional

Now open the Custom Rates tab and create the rate for each service specified. To do this, click Add rate and specify the service, language pair, and cost.


Alternatively, you can upload client data in a spreadsheet using the template referred to in the right-side panel.



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