Company-to-company payments in Smartcat

Smartcat allows companies to pay other companies for any language industry-related service. So let's have a look at how such payments could be processed and how the process differs depending on whether a client has a Smartcat account or has not.


The client doesn't have a corporate account in Smartcat


It might be that your client does not have a Smartcat account and is not planning to create one in the foreseeable future. In this case, click Request payment in the Balance tab of your corporate account. Then fill in all the required information in the request form, such as the company name, your internal invoice number, services, your client’s email address, additional information and so on, and send the invoice to your client. 

After you have sent a payment request, your client will receive an email with an invoice attached where Smartcat's payment details will be specified. 

Once Smartcat receives the money, your corporate balance will be topped up for the amount specified in the request.  Then you will be able to withdraw the payment in full to your bank account or keep it on your Smartcat balance to use it for paying your suppliers.

The invoice for received payment will appear in the Client payment section. By the way, you may test the payment request feature by sending a notification to your email.

Important: the corporate balance can be used for paying your freelancers or withdrawals only if the payment details for the balance have been added.


The client has a corporate account in Smartcat


That's great because the client could not only form jobs and invoices in Smartcat but also assign  projects to your corporate account, so you will be able to work on the client’s projects as you do on your own. To do this, the client has to find your corporate account on the Smartcat Marketplace and add it to their vendor list.



Let's go back to the payment processing. The client can create a job manually and form invoices in their account or import your job along with others here.

The vendor icon differs from the one of an in-house linguist and looks like this:


This means that the coming payment will top up the vendor's balance. Therefore, when Smartcat receives the money, your corporate balance will be topped up. Then you will be able to withdraw the payment in full or keep it on the Smartcat balance for paying your suppliers. You will also receive a similar notification:


Please note that if you have received a payment but do not have a Smartcat account, follow the link in the notification(the Receive payment button) to sign up. Do not forget to specify the payment details because, without them, it will not be possible to withdraw funds from the balance or pay to your linguists.

Also, the system will suggest selecting the account on which balance you want to transfer an incoming payment if you have more than one.


Wait a minute. I'm a client!

Good news! All mention above for a vendor company will work for you as well though the other way round. That is, you can suggest the vendor send you an invoice through a payment request or create a corporate account in Smartcat. Check this article to learn more.


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