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How do I know my payment data is safe?

Your cardholder data is stored in a highly secure environment and handled by our payment partner. Its services are in compliance with PCI DSS Level 1, which is the highest level of certification according to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. The details you provide are used exclusively in pursuance of the Supplier Agreement.

To get a clear understanding which personal details we collect, how we use them, and what measures we take to ensure their safety, please peruse our Privacy Policy and Consent Notice

Can I ask a customer to make an advance payment?

In Smartcat, the payment for a project is remitted only after it has been completed and verified by the client. The Platform rules do not provide for an advance payment. For a detailed description of the project workflow, please refer to Starting your first project.

Will I get paid for a test assignment I have completed?

Test translations are not paid in Smartcat. Should you be invited to complete a test, you will receive an email notification containing details of the assignment. Such assignments are marked as Test Tasks in your workspace. Please report any cases when a customer asks you to perform tasks in Smartcat for free.

Can a client charge me a penalty fee?

According to Smartcat rules, freelancers may be subject to penalty fees in some cases, including the following:

  1. If you have completed less than 30% of assigned work and have notified the client that you will not continue, the customer may decide not to pay for the work.
  2. If you have completed more than 30% of assigned work and have notified the client that you will not continue in good time before the deadline expires, you will receive full payment for the amount of work you have completed.
  3. If you are unable to continue and the deadline is almost up, the client may decide not to pay for the work.
  4. If you used machine translation without doing sufficient post-editing of the output, the client may decide not to pay for the work.

Some clients may establish penalty fees for violation of their specific quality policies. Make sure you check the client’s profile before you start working. If the client threatens to charge you a penalty fee without having any relevant information indicated in their profile, please report such issues to our support team.

How can I withdraw the money to my credit/debit card?

Within 5 business days after receiving a payment from your client, Smartcat automatically remits it using your preferred payout method. No additional action is required on your part. As soon as a payout has been remitted, you will receive an email notification. For a detailed description of this process, please refer to Receiving Payments.

Would that be okay if the client pays me bypassing Smartcat?

No, it violates the platform rules. Bypassing Smartcat to obtain the payment for a job received through the marketplace is an infringement of our Terms of Use.

You are also strongly advised against sharing your contact details with a third party or asking anybody else to do it. By strictly following the platform rules, you are helping us protect your work from fraudsters. Both exchanging contact details in the chat and bypassing Smartcat to receive a payment are qualified as rules infringements that enable us to terminate your account.

If a client approaches you with a suggestion to remit the payment bypassing Smartcat, please let us know via

Smartcat notified me of funds remitted from my Smartcat balance to my account. The payment status is "Paid to you", but I haven't received the money. What to do?

If five business days have passed since the payment transfer notification and the change in status in your payment account, but the funds have not been credited to your account yet, proceed as follows:

a) Check the Inbox of the email address indicated in your account, including spam. We might have informed you about the details of the problem or requested additional information.

b) Check the details in the preferred method. Make sure that the number of the linked card / bank account / e-wallet to which you expect to receive payment is indicated correctly.

c) After rechecking the data you provided, please contact our support service. In your message please indicate the following:
- the name of the client you are expecting the payment from
- Project name
- payment amount
- proof that the payment has not really been received: an account / card / wallet statement, that explicitly shows the account / card / wallet number, holder's name, account currency, the statement request date (from the date the funds were sent until the current date ). Only after receiving such a statement we will be able to initiate an investigation with our payment providers.

Please note that Smartcat may not be listed as the payment sender. The Sender field may show the provider that the payment was sent through, or the PO number may appear as the payment purpose.

The client failed to meet payment deadlines. What should I do?

You can contact the client using the built-in Chat and ask why the payment is delayed. If the client does not reply, please send a request to our support team including the following information:

  • the client's name
  • document and project names

Can I accumulate earnings on my Smartcat balance and have the payout remitted to my card / bank account / e-wallet only after reaching a certain amount?

If you would like to save up to a certain amount, you need to specify the minimum amount of the payout to be remitted via your preferred method. For more information about this option and its configuration, please refer to Minimum payment amount.

I've been notified of being paid, but my Smartcat balance hasn’t changed. Why?

Please make sure that your email address to which you received the payment notification and the email address that you use for logging in to Smartcat are the same.

To check the email address of your Smartcat account, use the navigation pane to open My Settings > Email Address. If the email addresses are different, please forward both email addresses and a brief description of the problem to our support team.

I haven't received the payment via Payoneer. What should I do?

  • Make sure that your account balance has reached the specified minimum payout amount. For more information, please refer to Minimum payment amount.
  • Probably, you added Payoneer incorrectly. Please remove the Payoneer payout method from your profile and add it again using this guide.

The payment status is shown as Processing payment even though the payout date has passed. When can I expect the money?

The status Processing payment means that the client has paid for your work and Smartcat has replenished the balance of your personal account. As soon as Smartcat sends money from your account balance to you, the status will change to Paid to you. If the expected payout date has already passed, but the status has not changed, please try the following:

  • Make sure you have provided all the necessary details on the My Payouts page.
  • Check your email. We may have tried to notify you about the problem or requested your payment details.
  • Make sure that the balance in your account has reached the specified minimum payout amount. For more information about the minimum payout, see Minimum payout amount. Your payments will remain in your Smartcat balance until their total exceeds the minimum payout amount you have set.

If none of the above helps, please contact our support and indicate the name of the customer's company, the projects for which the money should have been received, the amount to be paid and your payment method. We will be happy to help you resolve the issue.

Smartcat can send payments to verified PayPal wallets only. Please note that your active use of the wallet does not necessarily signify that it is verified. PayPal allow their users a certain set of transactions, even if verification has not been completed.

To check whether your PayPal wallet is actually verified, do the following:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account
  2. In a separate browser tab, go to:

If your account is verified, you will receive a corresponding message: "Your PayPal account is Verified". If not, an additional window will appear, prompting you to enter the data required for passing verification. Follow the indicated steps or contact Paypal support for further clarification.

I have received a request for personal information from the support team. Why am I required to do this if I have provided my details?

Any bank or payment provider is responsible for ensuring that its customers act within the law and do not use financial institutions for illegal activities such as fraud, money laundering, or tax evasion. To accomplish it, any regulated financial institution conducts routine checks by requesting additional information on selected payments. Additional information may include clarification of the recipient's full name, address, date of birth, citizenship, proof of residence, etc.

If you receive a notification from our support team that a confirmation of your identity or other additional information is required, this means that your payment is currently being verified by our payment system. Please don’t worry, these are standard regular compliance checks. Provide us with the necessary information and we will do our best to ensure that you receive your payment as soon as possible.

Please note that requests from the platform can be only sent from an email address in the or domain. Do not share your details upon request from an undefined email address.

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